Founded for its subsidiaries and affiliates since year 2004, MyanTel Holdings is the brotherhood company of the leading digital and media contents company Myanmar Telemedia Holdings. MyanTel offers a wide range of telecommunications service including but not limited to Data Center, Infrastructure, Mobile Communications Services, ISPs services and Distribution of telecommunication and technology products. The Group, focusing on expanding subsidiary business activities in ASEAN countries, is currently one of Myanmar’s leading regional mobile & digital contents, entertainment, Media, and pioneer in mobile payment sector. There are three brotherhood Holdings in our group. The group has always been closely related to telecoms, government bodies and media in the space of changing digital landscape in Myanmar. MyanTel will offer a comprehensive range of high-quality telecommunication services with partners for voice, data services, and contents with international partners operating in Myanmar, as well for South East Asia markets such as Thailand, Singapore,and Malaysia targeting to Myanmar demographic market. Mobitel, under MyanTel group, distributes Telco air-time, official branded handsets distribution with 105 employees across the nations.

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